Sunday, February 9, 2014

I am ready for Valentines Day!

I got some cute, fast and simple ideas from Pinterest this year. I downloaded a free treat bag topper for the candy hearts.
I did end up making the "I really dig you" cards that I attached to the shovels, but it just took a few minutes in Word. I think my grandkids will love these.

New iPhone App perfect for Project Life - Instaweather Pro

I began Project Life this year. So far I am enjoying it very much. I am well organized and I don't necessarily do a photo a day, but I do capture our life on a weekly basis. 
I found this great i Phone App called Instaweather Pro. I think it was $1.99. It allows you to put different weather features on your photos. Some examples below.

Pretty cool, huh? They print out 4x4 size which fits in the 4x6 slots leaving a bit of room to write a short note.

12 x 12 Layouts

I've been getting  a lot of 12x12 layouts done. I wanted to show you a few. I really feel like I'm getting things accomplished. 
Aidan on his 10th Birthday.

Aidan and Devin in Yellowstone Park a couple of years ago.

Devin on his 8th Birthday.

Me when I was 12 on the farm.

Repurposing Old File System from Sears Roebuck

I wanted to show you this item I picked up a few years ago at a yard sale. It was when I first started scrapbooking and thought this would make a great storage unit in my closet. Years later, I still love it.
It is missing the cabinet doors on the front, and the safe is broken so it no longer locks, which is fine for what I use it for. About midway down, there is a handle where my Big Kick sits, pull straight out on that and it's a desk area. Pretty cool.

The blue and red flowers and words "memories and laugh" are magnets.